Sunday, April 17, 2011


My last blog I wrote to stay tuned for more about our weekend away.  Once a year is a gathering I attend with my meditation group it is called "Bhandara".    People arrive, we greet old friends, meet and make new friends, sit down, listen to a talk, eat good food prepared with love and devotion.   We get to celebrate abundance.  Words cannot describe the experience.   . .
Bhandara -  Celebration of abundance & receiving our gifts...

Abundance - what blocks it?   fear
What if I cannot handle the success/abundance? business of it all.
The longer you block it, the more you are holding back
At some point you either give up or you allow it in
I allowed it, it is just as intense as I was afraid it would be
It causes my heart to race - my mind says is this panic? am I dying? am I sick?
I cannot breath - what is wrong?
Then Ishwar gave me some words to satisfy the mind
Take 3 words out of your vocabulary
Hope, Fear, Anticipation

what will happen now?
Only what your soul creates in the moment
I say all is well.   I have all I need right now
Enough help from others
Enough energy
Enough food
enough CLUES to satisfy the mind
I received a book - inside the author wrote his Acknowledgements to all who helped him
and the last sentence read:
  " I thank God . . who wouldn't let me sleep until I wrote this book"

Thank you God

What (who what where how) is God?

God is love, abundance, all that is
the word GOD is too small, too short to hold something that is so infinite
many have tried to name that which cannot be confined or named - how many religions?
how many names of God?
we can agree on that

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