Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seasons Change - What about change?

Today I am reminded of the nature of change.  It is always occurring and I catch myself resisting it, again.  Once more I surrender and allow it in.  Why do I resist and try to zone out?  What am I resisting? When I ask myself that, I remember something I read in the Bhagavad Gita - that as human beings, our greatest driving motivation is pleasure, and if that is so, then we are strongly motivated to resist anything uncomfortable.  Change is uncomfortable.

I relax again, noticing my breathing, being aware of my muscles being tense, consciously relax them, then ahhh, throw on a shawl while I sit at my laptop.

The body adapts to the change in seasons too.  If we are aware of this and provide the nutrients we require, this time of year is a great time to keep eating those greens, start adding squash to our diets, all of the bright yellow and oranges give our bodies the vitamin A (via beta carotene) that we need to have healthy mucous membranes.  What that means is we are more resistant to virus taking hold!  Cleaner diets mean stronger resistance to those seasonal colds.  Avoiding sugar, other processed foods and animal products that steal our energy while adding these vegetables in generous (nature's abundant now!) portions, we revitalize ourselves.  Doing our asana practice- if only for 15 minutes each morning, keeps our organs and digestive system operating at peak efficiency.  Don't forget the water too.  Most of us are dehydrated, drinking pure water also protects us from all kinds of ills.  Some doctors say that drinking 2-3 glasses of water first thing in the morning before anything else will take care of just about anything that ails you.

One more thing - I add a few extra nutrients to my daily regimen:  spirulina everyday, some added fish oil on occasion and the calcium/magnesium supplement (whole food based).  Sometimes I add some vitamin C to my diet, but I try to get most of what I need by eating a plant-based diet and not overeating.  Overeating clogs up the digestive system and actually prevents you from absorbing the nutrition from your food, thus creating a vicious circle of lack of nutrients and excessive hunger.  Longevity research has proven that those who are slightly underweight live longer than if you are carrying around extra pounds.  I find that I am much more energetic if my meals are smaller and I eat my 3 a day.  My smoothie in the morning, late morning snack, late lunch & light supper.

If you want more of these type of tips and some great coaching support, try my "Boost Your Metabolism" 6 week program.  You will likely shed some pounds, and very likely boost your energy level.  We are also going to have Mary Battista's one hour workshop (power packed) called "Eating for Energy" on Sept. 30 at 11 am in the studio.   Also in September "Know Your BodyType" with Asavari Manvikar - another piece of the wellness puzzle is knowing your body type and what types of foods balance you or throw you out of balance.  (sign up for Asavari's workshop through Eden Prairie Community Ed's website).

So Change?!  I'm so excited for it - bring it on!  Namaste

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

40 day challenge nearing the end

How has your challenge been going?  Time to comment!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 26 Practicing Yoga

I wrote on the other blog today - for the 40 Day yoga challenge, here's the link