Monday, September 19, 2011

My favorite homeopathic remedies: #1 Arnica

Arnica - homeopathic arnica is indicated for "trauma to soft tissues".  I have taken it before & after a surgery and it helped me not lose much blood; I gave it to my children when they got a bruise or took a major tumble as they were growing up; after childbirth to help to recover faster, after any emotional/mental/physical strain.  I took it once after being in a fire (our garage burned down - almost with me in it).  I know Arnica works, I had very clear indications:  bruises disappearing or swelling going down literally almost in front of my eyes, and when my son Josh was a mobile baby he fell on his head 3 times - from heights of 4 to 6 feet - never once did he shed more than a few tears over it as we had arnica on hand - the sooner you administer it the better - bruises didn't even develop sometimes when there was obviously a nasty fall.  It's also great if you are a runner - take it to prevent muscle fatigue and trauma - recovery is much faster.

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