Monday, December 6, 2010

Deepening the Practice

Committing to a 40-day yoga challenge takes you beyond, deeper than the physical.  You begin to gain the strength and courage to dive deeper.  You learn to control and strengthen the breath, the life force becomes stronger and the power of this burns away illusion.  The first step in this burning away is that you begin to actually see it for what it is.  You realize the discomfort or the choking effect of putting up with the illusions you have created around you in your life.  It is then you begin to loosen the chains that bind you into that illusion.  It can be a struggle or it can be as simple as shrugging of a bathrobe.  The harder one resists, but more it is a struggle and it seems you have to fight to have it change.  However, there is another way. . . surrender and relax. 

Notice your desire to make it a struggle and keep surrendering and relaxing.  Powerful work.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this post today! Right where I am. Why do we go to the struggle first? Is it more interesting for our human minds? Is it habitual? Is it the illusion that it has to be a struggle?

    Mantra for today, surrender and relax. Thank you!