Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reflections on 2010 at the studio

What a year phew!  This year at Yoga Prairie, our studio has seen some tremendous growth.  It is great seeing many new faces and the others who have been with us from the beginning still coming to classes.  In May after my biking accident, my teaching took on a new dimension.  Learning to teach with injuries and vertigo has taken the level of teaching to new dimensions too.  I am focusing more now on meditation and going deeper into the mind/body connections of the practice.  The accident was a blessing even though it has been painful both physically and emotionally.  Right before Christmas I found out that my medical bills were not going to be paid for by my auto accident insurance.  It was a traffic accident caused by me trying to avoid a bus.  The bus may have hit my bicycle, but I was not conscious - I was knocked out.  There was a witness who called the accident in on 911, but police will not release the record because of a law that protects 911 callers.  The caller told the police that a bus hit a bicyclist.  I now am dealing with the not knowing and letting that go.  Another opportunity to release attachment.  I do hope that motorists will be more watchful and careful around bicycles.  Share the road.  I have taken my attention more to the business of running the studio and also to providing a deeper and more authentic experience for all who walk in the front door at Yoga Prairie. 

This winter we did a 40-day yoga challenge and those members who participated took on a whole new level of practice for themselves, seeing first hand how a yoga practice supports not just the physical, but also their mental and emotional lives as well.  This has been a very successful result - I could not have asked for more from this challenge.

The studio continues to be behind on paying our rent and slow on paying other bills, but we are slowly catching up in that area.  It is interesting to note that how I run my business is perhaps unique.  Each day I meditate and focus on allowing the real boss to dictate things.  I am a steward of this space for the community.  The Master - God - holds the reins and steers the business.  It is a joy to be taken along for this ride.  Thank you to all of you who are riding along with us.  Happy New Year!

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