Tuesday, December 14, 2010

40-Day Yoga Challenge is coming into final weeks

This has been a challenging time to do 40 days of yoga.  With the darkest part of winter also come dark days in the way that you will be challenged to stay positive in your outlook.  It may be really tough now to step onto your mat to practice.  Know that all of us who are participating in this challenge are experiencing this.  Know that the darker days will be moving towards lightness once again in just one more week.  Hold on - you can do this.  Step onto your mat with the intention to move - just move your body with the breath.  Move into a pose and stay there until your body intuitively tells you to move again into another pose.  Give yourself time to pause in between poses in Tadasana (mountain pose) or Sukhasana (easy pose-also known as the seated cross-legged pose).   When you move intentionally with your breathing and when you hold a pose with your focus on your breath, you are practicing yoga. 

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