Tuesday, March 22, 2011

108 Sun Salutations Spring Equinox

Sunday we did our quarterly 108 Sun Salutations event for the Spring Equinox.  Now it seems like spring, but the forecast is more wintery stuff coming.  (When is that Basketball Tournament?)  In Minnesota, spring is like the biggest party ever and it is known that the state basketball tournament is the unofficial mark of the end of winter storms.

Back to the 108...4 of us attended and we donated proceeds to Salvation Army's efforts in feeding people in Japan who have been devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

As I was going through the 108, it is like a moving meditation, I focused on my body.  Usually it takes about 30 Sun Salutations for me to feel really warmed up, but this time it took more.  The counting is a challenge too, to keep track of which one I am on, so I probably do a couple more in case.  However, it is not about how many I do.  I realized during the last 30 or so, that the reason I can do them has nothing to do with my strength or endurance...I've done them with a head and neck injury, during times when my energy is really low, . . .like yesterday.  I have been recovering from the Minnesota ick that many yoga teachers have mysteriously come down with (and other people I know who almost never get sick).  I have had the lingering cough now going on the 3rd week...

No, it is not endurance or strength that gets me through this.  It is that I never give up.  That's it.  I don't stop.  I rest a little after each 27 (1/4), but then I continue until I've done 108.  It is not rocket science really.  It also helps to have an intention.  When I thought about how long it was taking, my mind went to the survivors of Japan's earthquake, tsunami and now dealing with rebuilding and possible radiation poisoning.  It is not an option for them to give up.  To stop.  So I won't either.

My heart goes out to everyone there.  And as many of my students have heard from me. . . the best thing we can do for them is to be a light in our own part of the world. 

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