Saturday, March 26, 2011

Practice every day

Many of the great teachers - the ones we can trace our lineage back to, have all said the same thing.  Practice.  The past week, I have appreciated my practice more than ever.  My practice is a daily habit.  Every morning.  Meditate.  If I cannot focus, take care of something for someone (service with love & devotion).  Then practice my asanas.  Observing my breath, my body, how I use my body, how I feel, my mind.  Observing it all, at the same time keeping my body strong, alive & healthy.

The practice - when it is a habit  - it supports you.  How?  Well, do you remember how you feel so much better afterward practicing yoga?

You know that when you are not in the habit of practicing...when you feel sad, sick, low energy, upset, busy - any number of human excuses - the last thing you want to do is go sit on a yoga mat or meditate.

If it is a habit - like brushing your teeth - you have to do it.  You cannot not do it.  No matter how I felt before my practice.  I feel alot better after.

How to get into the habit?  Read about the 40-day yoga challenge or 108 Sun Salutations in my blog...
Live with Beauty, Connection & Love. . . 


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