Thursday, March 10, 2011

Living the Dream

I found out yesterday that Larry Schultz passed away over two weeks ago.  I didn't know until I went to a friends Facebook page, then read an article on Yoga Journals website, then kept going and reading and watched a little You Tube video he had made recently.

Larry Schultz was one of the most important yoga teachers in my life.  I took his workshop in 2004 thinking it was an Ashtanga yoga teacher's workshop, and found out it was a Rocket yoga workshop!  Rocket is Ashtanga yoga, but taking it to another level....a fun one.  The Rocket changed my attitude about alot of things.  Larry changed my yoga practice, my teaching and after his death....taught me something else.  He taught me to keep it alive...the dream.

In his You Tube video he was talking about his "ashram".  His home estate yoga center where students could come and just focus on their own yoga.  There's a community kitchen, sleeping areas, beautiful outdoor practice area...  It is not his dream that struck me, but that he achieved it.  Then he left.

Well, it's not that he left either really, just, well, what happens when you do achieve your dream.  Carpenter's say that when they finish their house, then they die.  I don't think that is necessarily "the truth".  The message here is that you have a future.  You have a day you die.  I don't know if you have a say in "the day", but you certainly have a say in your future.  To live it like Larry THAT is juicy.  He was so ALIVE.  He taught people all over the world how to access that.  These people that Larry taught.  These are teachers to learn from.  Not just any of them.  If you are looking for a teacher.  Look them in the eye.  Do their eyes twinkle?  You do know what I mean don't you?  If you can't find it in yourself.  You better look harder and keep looking until you find it. 

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