Thursday, July 7, 2011

Being a yoga teacher and the home practice

Being a yoga teacher gives me the added level of commitment to my practice that takes me deeper than I could have done without that.  I am responsible and accountable for a yoga studio (I own the business) being open to our community.  This is not a burden for me.  It is a great honor that has been bestowed upon me.

It also gives me a very powerful structure in which to practice.  What is a structure?  It is something that protects and supports you.

In my teaching I talk about your structures of support, starting on your yoga mat that's what ever body part is touching the mat.

In my life, I see the structures of support are my home and relationships to those closest to me.  This is where you can do your deepest work.  I have been teaching and practicing yoga for many years, and to remain true to the teaching, my teacher within, I must continue to delve more deeply in my life practice.  It is sometimes painful, yet it is the most powerfully rewarding experience imaginable.

Imagine not repeating patterns in your life - over & over - that you know are not good for you.  Imagine your relationships improving, your home life, your career.   Imagine that you live in a beautiful place all year around.   Imagine being very healthy.  Then let it go and imagine the opposite.  The truth is, whatever you are attached to, will cause you suffering.  Pain, pleasure, it is all very fleeting.  When you have an established and deep practice - you know that, you allow it all to flow through you.  You let go of the suffering and you let go of the pleasure.  It is all the same.  What is left, is so amazing.  That is why you see me smiling and tear-eyed all of the time.  What is left is Love, gratitude, joy, beauty and peace.


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  1. Thank you, Karen!!! Your words are truly an inspiration and make sooooo much sense!