Saturday, July 9, 2011


As I prepare to paint a room and hallway today, I am thinking about preparation.  I spend so much time in preparation.

I prepare to teach, I prepare for a guest speaker - sending out invitations, discussing the topic with him by email for months, talking to his daughter who will be taking care of him here...preparing my husband and home for their stay. . .
I am painting the room he will stay in - I am using the "company's coming" energy to give me the motivation to do all of this!
Back to preparation. . . my mind is a busy preparation machine. . . I prepare too much, I'm making myself wrong for preparing so well; doh, there it goes again, the busy mind making me wrong!  Well, this is not fun.

The cat is fun.  He was chasing the drop-cloth (plastic) I put down for painting.  That was fun!

What would you like to do today to prepare for YOUR 40 day challenge?  (it starts tomorrow!)

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