Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yoga - Connecting Mind/Body

This journey of yoga is about connecting mind & body.  The spirit directs this journey.  The spirit or soul, wants what is best for you.  The mind sometimes does, sometimes does not.  How can we get the mind to cooperate?  When you decide to practice yoga and you hear that a daily practice is good for you, that the body/mind needs a day of rest...what happens next?

I know what happens to me.  I may stay up a little too late reading, or drink one too many cups of coffee, or watch a movie that I don't start until 9 pm, knowing I really could sleep in.  No one is making me get up early to meditate. . . really.  This is my mind hijacking me.

So how do you get going?  How do you have a regular practice?  You just do it.  You get on your mat or sit and close your eyes and you practice.  Everyday.  Simple.  It is the mind that complicates things.

But what about the mind/body connection?  That is where it can get interesting and habitually addictive.  After many years of practicing, paying attention to the feelings and sensations in my body in different poses, I can even feel the energy of the nervous system.  Bringing attention to any thing... you can grow your sensory awareness.  What if you practice doing this in the body?  What is possible in your life too?

Where in your life would more awareness benefit you?  How about in relationships with others?  What if you knew exactly where you could direct your attention and energy to make the most difference in each moment?  Is this possible?  I think it is possible to strive towards that and that this is the journey worth taking.

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