Sunday, May 29, 2011

Healing Now

Inspiration after a relaxing warm bath.  I sat down to write my thoughts with pen and ink on paper.  It is a slower way....

I just now sat down to write my thoughts on healing.  When I say what I know about healing, I often hear objections.  Sometimes anger from those I speak to, and I remained silent.  Until now.

This is my year - to be Self expressed.  Now, I have observed; studied; learned;.. suffered;.. grown;... and meditated.

It is all of these things, combined, and with one added ingredient, Listening to the teacher within.

In healing - you "know" where it is you need to go to heal.  You don't even have to think about it - you make an appointment, or talk to a friend, or pray.

You already know.  There is no right or wrong way for you to go about your healing.

Where the right and wrong comes in, is when the mind starts to exert its control.  Your mind wants to control what you are reading and thinking right NOW

That is your minds job.  Your mind is not wrong... or right.

NOW...what did you just think?

That not you.  It was your mind thinking.  Until you can see this, you may or may not like what you are reading.  Your mind will decide "yes, I agree" or "no, she is wrong".  Every mind will say that.  As I write, my mind is saying alot of things too.   That's what it does.  I choose to listen or to ignore those thoughts.

In healing, your mind can control or help you in your healing.  Your mind might say "I will not recover from this" or "I must have (this disease) . . because I (think, feel, or someone said) I do.

Here is where your choice or free will comes in.  What is true for you?  You only know what is true for you.  I cannot tell you this..., only your own inner teacher, Self, knows.  If you are thinking, or "trying to decide", or "confused", just keep practicing...listening.


  1. Great post Karen! It brings to mind something Dr. Wayne Dyer said recently on his radio program. "I choose to have a different thought than the one I am having."