Sunday, November 28, 2010

2nd week already!

That was fast! What happened to the second week of our yoga challenge?  Thanksgiving Day was in there.  I did yoga all but 2 days this past week!  I think that yesterday, when it was my 6th day to practice and I was very tired I was actually doing yoga by listening to my body.  The body was not into anything but rest, so rest I did.  After completing and mailing the yoga school renewal application, all systems said "down".  Some of the group have asked about rest days and they feel like doing something so they do "is that alright?"  Yes!  you are listening to your body, that is the point.  Part of the point of the 40-day practice is to get really connected mind-body-spirit.  If your body needs to rest so that you can actually listen to the mind and spirit, do that.  If your body is restless even though it is your rest day - do something.  I am inspired by the responses I have had from the group of yoga practitioners on this journey with me.  You are all practicing your yoga challenge mindfully - it has been a succesful challenge so far.  Now what is going to happen with the 3rd week?  As the energies of the earth go more & more inward and darker, our energies also go within and slow down.  The challenge this week will be to honor your inner needs without honoring the mind-chatter.  What do you really need to do?

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