Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why I'm doing the 40-day challenge

All I don't need is one more thing to do, one more challenge.  I am a business owner, I have been feeling overwhelmed lately - teaching several yoga classes per week, planning and scheduling yoga teacher training, the paperwork, the accounting...all the things a business owner does...and I am supposed to embody what I am teaching as well.  That is my challenge.   ( )

Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago how the yoga studio was doing...I don't know what I answered, but it came out like: I haven't made any money for 3 years AND I work all the time.   They then asked me:  WHY are you doing it then?

I have been thinking about that question for the past 3 years - ever since I began working 10-12 hour days.  Why ?  This week I came to a really interesting conclusion.  Everyone that walks into that studio to practice and learn yoga is expecting the doors to stay open, and I am doing that.  Whatever...I could explain for hours why I am doing this.

I'm not going to.  I'm going to tell you what my guru/teacher Ishwar Puri says.  "How do you know if you are serving God's will? - What IS God's will?"  "All you have to do is look at your circumstances...if there is a shovel in your hand - dig.  If there is a pen in your Hand, write".  Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, God's will is for you to serve in that way.

So the 40-day yoga challenge is, simply for me,  to do God's will.  Practice yoga.  That's what yoga teachers are supposed to do : ).  Namaste, Karen


  1. Day 1 of the 40 day challenge complete! I'm practicing at home with a yoga DVD.

  2. way to go!! I'm glad you are joining us from MO!