Friday, November 12, 2010

40 Day Yoga Challenge! Nov. 14-Dec. 24th 2010

Oh no!!not again!  Yes! You cannot fail - you have support through the most tempting holiday!  If you want to join our 40-day yoga challenge, respond here and let me know you are in!  What:  Promise to practice yoga 6 days a week for 40 days.  How much yoga?  45 to 90 minutes 3 days a week (preferably at a Yoga Prairie studio class - 8783 Columbine Rd., Eden Prairie, MN  55344) and 3 days a week at home a minimum of 20-30 minutes and one day of rest (yes you must rest!). 

Support can be found right here, check in with me daily or every couple of days - we can do this!  Why?
Here are the possible benefits:  relax, peace of mind, lose weight, better digestion, better sleep, better sex, be happier, be healther. . . did I miss anything?! 

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  1. I'm in! virtually since I live in MO. Karen, you've inspired me.